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Curated by Alizz Vichchou

The highlights of this exhibition are divided into three parts.

The first part of this exhibition is to honor King Rama IX in his many royal events. The remarkableness of this exhibition is attributed to the photographs, some of which people may be already familiar with, and some photographs which have never been published before.

The first portion of the exhibition features rarely-seen black & white and infra- red photography. This three-artist exhibit gathers photographic works focused on the merging of three cities into “Three Kingdoms”. For example: “The Base of Siam”, “Muang Krung Muang Thep”, and “Sukhotai”, a previously-unreleased work. This is the first time which all three of these artists gathered. The exec- utive directors of The Royal Photographic Society of Thailand (RPST) are hon- ored to represent part of this photo exhibition.

The second part of this exhibition was recently exhibited in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA since November of 2016. This exhibition is presented via half-frame camera which has a center line dividing a film into two frames.

The final part of the exhibition consists of the world-class, award winning photographic works of 2 artists from “Street Photo Thailand”. 


รชฎ วิสราญกุล

1st Floor, Chiang Mai City Art & Cultural Centre 3 - 12 FEB 2017

An exhibition to honor King Rama IX which had been recorded from many royal events. 

สมศักดิ์ พัฒนพิฑูรย์

2nd Floor, Chiang Mai City Art & Culture Centre 3 FEB - 25 MAR 2017
Opening 5 Feb 2017 / 16:30
Artist Talk : 6 Feb 2017 / 09:00 - 12:00 @CMHOP

“Three kingdoms”

A Black & White and infrared photo exhibition, presents the beauty, virtue, and truth via the 3 great capitals of Thailand to shows the feelings of truth which is not only be watching the values of artistic and cultural heritage which has been inherited to the present. It is to make new-generation people to be aware of being part of the country. 

สุรินทร์ บัญญัติปิยพจน์

2nd Floor, Chiang Mai City Art & Culture Centre 3 FEB - 25 MAR 2017
Opening 5 Feb 2017 / 16:30


A land, although how vast or how strong it is, it needs to change because of time and wind.
Like our mind, although how strong it is, it may need to change because of time or desires which influence us. So, everything in this world is “impermanent”. 

บุณฐไชย ไชยวิรุณเจริญ

2nd Floor, Chiang Mai City Art & Culture Centre 3 FEB - 25 MAR 2017
Opening 5 Feb 2017 / 16:30

Religion is Life

Religion and Buddhism will bind people’s mind as seen from the religions and communities of Thai people which always live together in every area of Thailand. 

สุรพล สุคำทัศน์


2nd Floor, Chiang Mai City Art & Culture Centre 3 FEB - 25 MAR 2017
Opening 5 Feb 2017 / 16:30

These works are taken via color-slide films and are part of achievement of few photographers in the country who earn Gold Medal Award from many stages since 2005-2010 arranged by Photographic Society Of America (PSA). 

เข็มเงิน ต้นสกุลรุ่งเรือง


RaKuda Photo and Artisans Cafe 3 - 12 FEB 2017
Opening 4 Feb 2017 / 20:00

Dual Realities

For this series of images, I spend time wandering around my city, mostly in the old Bangkok area. I observe and capture the daily lives of people around me. I look for moments of circumstance and experi- ence, such as the skills and dedication of old Thai craftsmanship, Thai faith in religious iconography of Buddhism, or a rainy night in the Japanese area of the city. These experiences will all too soon vanish 

อัครา นักทำนา

FOFA CMU Gallery 3 - 12 FEB 2017 FOFA CMU Gallery

Nightmarish, primeval and strong images cap- tured with beauty and precision. For fans of horror sci-fi, the apocalypse and other mys- teries of the Intelligent Universe, Akkara Nak- tamna’s simple but eye-opening series ‘Signs’ is likely to confirm their growing sense of an organic doomsday conspiracy. 



ทวีพงษ์ ประทุมวงษ์

FOFA CMU Gallery
Artist Talk 5 Feb 2017 / 13:00 - 15:00 Opening 6 Feb 2017 / 16:30

The championship award from the photo competition, “ Miami Street Photography Festival 2014” and the championship award from the photo competition, “ Street Shooting Around the World 2015: The Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP)”. 

The Things That Take Us Apart

The Things That Take Us Apart series is a photography exhibition resulted from combining the experimental approach to relationships, exemplified in Tada’s early works, with on-site investigation and research employed in his previous series. This series was created during the artist’s residency in Chiang Mai for one month. where he acquainted himself with the area through reading local newspapers as well as physically exploring different locations, simply guided by memories and narratives retold by the locals. According to such information, the artist discovered that there are many entertainment venues in Chiang Mai that have abandoned due to multiple reasons from 2014. Nevertheless, there remains certain sites that continues to facilitate people’s needs to express themselves through ballroom dancing. 

A ballroom dancing teacher once said, “To dance is to look at your partner like a mirror that casts your own reflection.” Therefore, dancing is perhaps similar to relationships in the sense that both require the collaborative effort of one person or more, regardless of whether that relationship is between “person to person” or “person to place”. This photo- graphic series is a step beyond for Tada: openly inviting strangers through a newspaper advertisement to participate in an experimental process that tests the possibilities of human interaction on the dance floor.

Within the duration of two hours, eight complete strangers of different backgrounds, gen- der, and physical appearance will get to know each other under the condition that they must proceed without wearing any form of clothing. Willingness to interact or forms of interaction is entirely up to the participants: dancing, eating, talking, reading, imitating animal behaviours, pretending that oneself is a mirror, etc. All of the actions that occur within the experiment are entirely uncontrolled and unscripted; the artist will only observe and record this event through photography.

Such mundane activities would seem ordinary if the participants are fully clothed. Clothes, then, functions as the defence mechanism against such tumultuous encounter between strangers, as well as the signifier of class and identity. Moreover, clothes represent certain etiquette, appropriateness, intention and even control of the wearer’s emotions. Without clothes, we face our authentic selves. Whether these participants will step out of their comfort zones or liberate themselves from all social ties, this series will transport you to the realm where the distinction between normality and abnormality is blurred.

This exhibition displays photographs as well as the artist’s books for the curious minds that are interested to have the remnants of such tumultuous experience in possession.

Curated by Kittima Chareeprasit

This exhibition would not have been possible without the support from Patsri Bunnag Foundation, Awagami Factory, Mae-Ruay Snack Food Factory Co., Ltd., Captain Barrel Co., Ltd. and all of those who participated. 

Luke Duggleby

For Those Who Died Trying 


The project looks to remember those who died defending human rights and protecting the environment by placing a portrait of the human rights defender, where possible, at the exact place he or she was murdered or abducted.

It is vital, for the victims and their families, that their fight and their death is not forgotten and left un-recognised. Ultimately, those responsible must be brought to justice. Recognis- ing those who died trying as HRDs and a better administration of justice are critical steps to end these killings.

Luke Duggleby is an award-winning freelance British photographer specialising in Asia. After completing a degree in Photography in the UK he moved to Asia, first China and then to Bangkok, Thailand, where he have been based for 12 years. He travels around the continent, and further afield, shooting travel, portraiture and editorial assignments as well as person- al documentaries for some of the world’s biggest names in media and NGO’s. He speaks English and Thai. 

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