​DATE : 10 - 15 JAN 2020

Curated by

Linjie Zhou

(S.A.C. Subhashok ​the Arts Centre)



Bo HE - 何博

Zhao CUI - 崔钊

Xiao ZHANG - 张晓

Marc YANG - 杨达

Shunzan FAN - 范顺赞

Leilei JIANG - 蒋磊磊

Yin SAI - 赛音

Mingxi GAO - 高明昔

Chinese Puzzle


“Photography done well can be seen rendering cubes and spheres into immortal challenges that are framed by leading lines collected into a fleeting matter of minutes. Pictures resemble puzzles at times with numerous pieces that almost intrinsically can combine to create a large image”


These images can represent coded interpretations drawn from distant inspirations from external forces that can be transcribed into visuals that speak to our inner worlds. The images themselves can often be confusing and challenging as they instigate some new deductions of our critical thinking. Photos can represent solitary miniature pieces that can assemble into collectives of macro-narrative expressions.


Their coded languages can tell stories as they match and mismatch; drawing us into the duality which runs within us too. Confused perceptions of an outsider looking in, the voyeur that we are, struggling to make sense of the least known. We look at anonymous faces that provoke a search for us to find an answer.


Great photography can leave space for the unknown, letting us rest in an unclear moment of what is happening as we try to find connections between disconnected pieces. Their frozen moments attempt to draw out the link between the often-confusing relationship between our humanity and our nature. These 8 Chinese photographers come from different backgrounds, each of their works representing 1 small piece from the big pictures of what the current Chinese photography scene looks like.

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